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Hello everyone, on this December 10, 2020 we are holding our usual season debrief for our Apex Legends team.

At the beginning of this autumn 2020 apex legends tour our goal and ambitions have grown.

It is within this framework that we had the ambition to create a new team and beyond a team : real Friendship relationships creating the magic necessary for a dream to succeed in sports.

After many tests we decided to welcome Zmb as well as Sufraz in the team to join Qkobyy, having judged their personalities to be appropriate, their complementary gameplay styles and their equal individual level.

From the very beginning this team has been able to shine within our organization and push us to a result never reached before, the final of a TIER A tournament : the PGL Showdown – Europe.

After a serious training with a frequency of 3 times a week during 1 month half with the support of their roster manager Vincent Gérard and the hexagon owner Bastian Robert, the team has renewed a performance at the ALGS LCQ : Top 8 TH Europe.

QKobby was not able to play all the ALGS LCQ, unfortunately we were informed in the final phase of its impossibility to play the final by its lobby kick.

We judged the reasons for the QKobyy kick to be not clear & severe, the reason being a ranked team mates insult 3 weeks ago.
We do not validate inappropriate behavior, but we do not find it appropriate to be banned for a week from the professionnal circuit due to an act of the none-professionnal circuit.

The whole staff and the team members mobilized for the return of qkobyy in the final of ALGS LCQ but it did not succeed, we want to thank Shahin, Turtle and Rick for their answers.

We regret that we were unable to exchange with the EA league ops during and after the event.

Despite all this, we are proud of the performance of isufraz and Zmb (French MVP, top 3 kill Europe) who played for the whole team as well as HEXAGON.

All the team as well as the staff made block in front of this final which promised to be complicated.

We would like to thank all the spectators of this final, for the support to HEXAGON.

Thanks to k4shera and CloneW for their quality cast of the team’s pov during the ALGS LCQ.