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Hey everyone, on this month of march 2021 we are keeping our usual season debrief for our Apex Legends team!

This winter circuit due to later adjustement has been complicated for us.

We started the circuit with @Qkobyy & @Zmb as official and we were testing a third due to the departure of isufraz.

As you know we say everything to the community by our official resume, the departure was causing by a non-comprehension with the Head Staff.

But we want to say as Head Staff that we are grateful for what isufraz has brought competitively to HEXAGON
and proud of our 3 months collaboration with.

We started the first ALGS with @Clone, the first try was promising and the team finished Top 37th europe and
Top 19th at the the GLL Community Cups #26 – EMEA.

The coach @Lumyoo saw some potential needing to work and we kept clone in test.

The staff worked a lot with the players on the team gameplay during two months to make the team performing better,
unfortunately the results of the second ALGS and the third ALGS were inconclusive.

We want to thank Clone for his professional behavior and we wish him the best for the future.

After that story we noticed that adjustments within the official team roles were necessary and that recruiting someone playing wraith was the best option.

To make a new phase of test with our new criterias we choosed @Readdin & Madison, two great players
with great mentality playing on wraith.

We finished the season with this two players on test, doing better performance shown by decent results :
Top 31th EU @ the ALGS Winter Circuit #4 – Europe,
Top 22nd EU @ the ALGS Winter Circuit Last Chance Qualifier – EMEA.

Following these tests we are proud to officially announce madison’s return to HEXAGON.

This player in the past marked the history of the club with Lumyoo and Qkobyy and we have
no doubts about the future of our team composed of Zmb, Qkobyy & Madison.