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HEXAGON in 1 years is thousands of euros invested, 3 founders, multiple results in the top European Apex legends, a presence on all social networks.
A sponsor: trusting us from the start, funding our various sports projects.
A project that started from nothing, founded by 3 people passionate about esport and video games.
A staff, players and head staff invested ready to shape the esport of the world of tomorrow.
A long-term project of excellence aimed at educating and supporting professional seed players.
This 1st year was rich in emotions and we, as a quality of founders, would like to thank all the players who came to us and still live with us, all of our followers, our sponsor and our collaborators.
It is thanks to a group movement that HEXAGON will become the project we have always dreamed of.
We are starting this new year with a competition in early October thanking you for an amount of 50 euros.

Bastian.R, Founder & CEO
Maxime B, Founder & Executive Referent
Giovianni Denni, Founder & Executive Adviser